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Fuckin' Eh

Dec 24, 2020

Reflecting back on some of our fondest memories of the subway system of Toronto, it’s a colourful cast of characters. Dan has an eggnog conspiracy theory. Pay-per-view gladiator fights

Matt finally tries the beyond meat burger, Russians die after drinking hand sanitizer. Stealing an Amazon package full of shit....

Dec 17, 2020

Recounting our first taste of Guiness beer. A product combines two everyday essentials into one convenient package.

Admitting to our pre-pandemic panic buying, a high-quality restaurant delivery meal review.Lab-grown meat, are we capable of making the switch?

Microsoft wants to monitor you even more, anti-gay...

Dec 10, 2020

Matt invents a revolutionary new food item. Synergistic brand-fusion. A secret ingredient that is sure to invade your cookbooks. Covid rules are also hard to follow. Dan watches soccer. Gambling on Covid. Moose licking cars. And an amazing mural gets painted, with a message that we need in 2020.

World. Earth. Cookies....

Dec 3, 2020

When did Billionaire Beezo become Lex Luthor? We have a ton of complaints for the alien super-creatures that created humanity (allegedly).

The gun-toting Colorado Congresswoman has plans to pack heat on Capital Hill. A man is arrested for taking a dump where he’s not supposed to. Have you ever blamed a fart on your...