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Fuckin' Eh

Feb 25, 2021

Just a couple of comedic microphone shamans. See y'all on the astral plane. Deuce, deuce.

Insta/Twitter: @FuckinEhPodcast


INTRO: Chrome Sparks – “Marijuana”

OUTRO: Mick Jenkins – “Smoking Song”

Feb 18, 2021

Make money, show off. Get followers, or die trying. The struggle continues, that's just the way the world is.

All Games, No Practice.

INTRO: Cookin Soul – “4 Yall”

OUTRO: Freddie Gibbs – “Gang Signs”


Twitter/Insta: @FuckinEhPodcast



Feb 11, 2021

Exploring our trauma, admitting our flaws, and giving bad financial advice. Getting better every day. Fuckin Eh.


Intro: Funky DL – “Fanatic (Instrumental)”

Outro: Chip Da Ripper – “Interior Crocodile Alligator Freestyle”


Feb 4, 2021

Fuckin Eh to the moon!

Apologies for Matt's behaviour and Dan's technical issues. The podcast may not survive to episode 20.



Intro: Vulfpeck – “Fugue State”

Outro: 50 Cent vs. Bee Gees – “ Stayin’ Alive in Da Club”