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Fuckin' Eh

Mar 25, 2021

All ass, no class. Raise those young brands right.

Canada's funniest podcast with 2 comedic microphone salmons swimming up the podcast stream.

Insta/Twitter: @FuckinEhPodcast


INTRO: Shigeto – “Detroit Part 1”

OUTRO: Like – “Mushroom Clouds”

Mar 18, 2021

Three hots and a cot. Bring your furry friends. Thanks for dropping in on Episode XXV of Fuckin Eh.

Twitter/Insta: @FuckinEhPodcast


INTRO: Vanilla – “Summer”

OUTRO: Joey Bada$$ & DJ Scheme – “Trust Nobody”

Mar 11, 2021

Wooden spoon surviving, one day at a time. Witty unpredictable podcasting and natural game. Keep those backsides clenched.


INTRO: The Alchemist – “Ray Mysterio (Instrumental)”

OUTRO: Reason  “Extinct (Ft. Isaiah Rashad & JID)”



Twitter/Instagram: @FuckinEhPodcast

Mar 4, 2021

The bangers to your mash. An international podcasting sensation. Sometimes it be your own homies that get ya.

INTRO: Madlib – “Pyramids (Change) Instrumental”

OUTRO: IDK Ft. Denzel Curry – “Once Upon A Time”