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Fuckin' Eh

Apr 29, 2021

Sasquatch Sightings, Vampire Facials.
Sculpt those body temples, but watch those trimmers.




INTRO: Coubo – “It’s Like Love”

OUTRO: Cordae – “Dream in Color”


Apr 22, 2021

The morally ambiguous podcast. Pass the noodle doinks, and say thank you for christ's sake.



INTRO: Pretty Lights - “Yellow Bird”

OUTRO: Black Thought, Salaam Remi – “Fentanyl”

Apr 15, 2021

A couple of big-time gambler dudes. Nothing but fire beats and existential dread. Plug in those monkey brains.


Twitter/Instagram @FuckinEhPodcast

Tell your weird friends!


INTRO: Thundercat – “Oh Sheit it’s X”

OUTRO: DMX – “The Rain”



Apr 10, 2021

Get those goddamn carrots out of here. Fuckin Eh, all B-storylines. Speed dreaming away.


Twitter/Instagram: @FuckinEhPodcast


INTRO: Icytwat – “Bandulu Lover”

OUTRO: Flowervillain – “earf, wind, and fire”

Apr 8, 2021

We'll accept your donations of 90,000 oily pennies. Get so shredded that people actually think there's something wrong with you. We missed you.


Twitter/Instagram (@FuckinEhPodcast)


INTRO: Cookin Soul – “Destiny”

OUTRO: Aesop Rock – “Long Legged Larry”