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Fuckin' Eh

May 27, 2021

Mutual pizza communication. From internet hustling to podcast hustling. Misunderstanding sports fans, crypto, and people in general.


INTRO: Mild High Club – “Chapel Perilous”

OUTRO: Anna Wise ft. Denzel Curry – “Count My Blessings”



May 20, 2021

Baffled by Bullshit. Look, Feel and See the Real Life NPCs. Big fans of Euclid.


INTRO: Souls of Mischief ­– “93 ‘Til Infinity”

OUTRO: Mike Jones ft. Slim Thug ­– “Still Tippin’”


Twitter/Insta: @FuckinEhPodcast


May 13, 2021

Attempting to change for the better, by acting like we're better than you. Come listen, you plebs.


INTRO: Flamingosis – “Football Head”

OUTRO: Jonwayne – “TED Talk”


Twitter/Instagram: @FuckinEhPodcast

May 6, 2021

Call the Albanian Batman. Prepare for your pearly-gate drip check and grab that W.


INTRO: The Olympians - “Apollo’s Mood”

OUTRO: AKTHESAVIOR – “Melting Amethyst”



Twitter/Instagram @FuckinEhPodcast